Busting 3 Common Running Myths

Today, Darren busts three running myths in today’s video:   1. Running will hurt your knees. 2. Heel striking is bad. 3. You should always stretch before you run.

Understanding Running Shoe Lingo

Today, Darren and Mike talk about commonly used words and phrases used with running shoes. Darren defines: 1. What a neutral shoe is2. What a motion control shoe is3. What pronating & supinating are4. What “drops” are Bring in your old trainers and get fitted by the experts at our Redondo & Manhattan Beach stores […]

Mike and Darren’s Top 3 Shoe Picks

Watch along to today’s video as Mike and Darren discuss their top three shoe picks!  Every foot is different and every shoe meets different needs so come on in if you need some advice on what best suits your individual needs. Mike’s Picks1. Brooks Ghost2. Hoka One One Clifton3. Nike Free Darren’s Picks:1. Altra Torin2. […]

Shin Splints

Today Mike and Darren talk about shin splits including ways to prevent them and how to treat them.  Check out our video for additional information. To Prevent Them:1. Avoid over striding2. Keep you cadence high3. Slowly increase your mileage4. Run in the best shoe for you If You Have Them:1. Rest2. Wear calf sleeves3. Strengthening […]

Select a Marathon That Works for You

4 criteria to think about when choosing a marathon that works for you: 1. Flat & Fast Course2. Hilly Course3. Destination/Experience4. Boston Qualifier As always please come in to one of our stores and we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you choose a marathon that’s best for you!

6 Vacation Running Tips

1. Pick a low mileage or no mileage week to get away.2. Make a checklist of running items to pack.  Check out our helpful checklist here.3. Try to get a run in before you leave town.4. Ask the locals/hotel for good running spots.5. Bring ID, money, and phone on your run.6. Have fun and take […]

Your Village Runner FAQs Answered

As our manager Darren is off trekking through Utah with his family, we are taking a small departure from our Marathon Monday videos.  This week’s video features owner, Mike Ward, answering many of your frequently asked questions about Village Runner.  Today’s topics include: 1. Where’s Darren?2. Are you the original owner of the Village Runner?3. […]

How Many Miles Can I Run Before I Need New Shoes

The standard answer is 300-400 miles. What surface you run on and how often you run all come into play. Another good indicator is your body. At about 200 miles in, start listening to your body. If it starts aching, that typically means the shoe isn’t doing its job anymore. Hopefully, you are also taking […]

Is Stopping to Walk OK?

If you are competitive, the short answer is no. However, you are not actually stopping, you are walking.  The tricky part is your head will tell you, “No. Walking is bad”, but the benefits to your training and racing program are strong as outlined below.   If you are a first time marathoner or an […]

What Is The Marathon Wall?

What is the marathon wall? 1. When you crash and burn2. When the wheels fall off the bus How can you avoid it or at least get through it? Your muscles have been depleted of their glycogen which is their main fuel source. We recommend that when you are training, you figure out your nutrition […]