Now that summer is here, hydration is super important as you are out running. It is best to have 13-27 ounces of water per hour, but your training runs will help you determine what is best for you. We recommend bringing a handheld, a water belt, or a vest to carry your hydration. We also […]

Goodr Sunglasses

Start summer off right with the perfect protection for your eyes as you are out running! We are huge fans of these sunnies from Goodr because they don’t bounce or slip as you run. They are polarized and have UV 400 protection. For $25 they are a steal! They are a very econmical piece of […]

Race Ready Shoes

When preparing for your marathon, it is best to have a lightweight companion shoe. A companion shoe is a similar but lighter shoe compared to what you have been doing your heavy mileage in. Race day trainers are lighter, closer to the ground, and help you go faster. Make sure to do some of your […]

Gotta Get a Garmin

Garmin watches are an incredibly handy tool for your racing.   1. They give you accurate mileage. 2. They keep you on pace. 3. They keep your time. 4. They sync to your computer to map your mileage 5. Some models also offer additional options like: Playing music Measuring VO2 MAx Tracking your heart rate


Socks are a key part to a successful run or walk. Stay away from cotton which can cause blisters. Find ones that are moisture-wicking to keep your foot dry and less prone to blisters. Our staff can help you choose the right sock for the particular type of run you are participating in. We all […]

All About GU

GU Energy Labs has a full line of products which we sell in our Redondo and Manhattan Beach stores. In this video Darren breaks down the GU-Math which is simply to take 1 GU about every 45 minutes during a high-intensity run. You will need about 4oz. of water to take with it. They have […]

Establish a Routine

To be successful with any race you are training for, it is essential to establish a routine. Once you have your running routine set, add it to your calendar, put it on your to do list, use an app, or your Garmin to give yourself reminders. This will keep your training on track and you […]

The Benefits of Joining a Running Club

While there are numerous reasons, both fun and functional, to join a running club, here are our three main takeaways: Structure – gives you a plan to help guide you as you prepare for a race. Accountability – keeps you on your toes and encourages you to not miss a run. Social Structure – allows […]

Let’s Talk About Mileage

Today’s “Monday Marathon” topic is mileage.  Mike and Darren break down how much mileage a beginner to an advanced runner should be putting in per week to train for their desired marathon time. As always, proceed with caution and listen to your body.  We’ve provided additional sources and sample training schedules below for additional information. […]

Set a Realistic Goal

1. Take into account your past race history as a base for future marathon finishing times.2. Use a Race Time Predictor like this one available HERE.