Are you Ready for the LA Marathon?

Don’t Forget These Items! The 38th running of the L.A. Marathon¬†is coming up on March 19 and we’ve created this handy checklist for you so you are 100% prepared. Many of our Village Runner crew have run it themselves, as well as many other marathons. We encourage you stop by for some free advice and […]

Marathon checklist to get you on your way

You’re almost there runners!  The high mileage weeks are all under your belt and you’re as ready as you’re gonna be.  Or are you?  Do you know what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, and what you may need to pack? For more advice on what to bring, here are more tips from Women’s Running

We made a list so you can check it twice! Race Day Checklist

Need a checklist for the LA Marathon or upcoming race? Check out our list below and download this ink-friendly version to add items to the list!