5 Great Uses for Your Old Running Shoes

Before you throw those rundown running shoes in the garbage, make sure there isn’t a better use for them first!  Below are five great ways to recycle those beloved shoes of yours.
1.  Work in a high rise building?  Keep a pair of running shoes handy in case there’s every an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) and you need to run down 40 flights of stairs.  Believe me from personal experience, a dirty pair of running shoes tucked underneath your desk will get you a lot farther and faster down the stairs than your 3″ pumps.
2. Keep an old pair close to the foot of your bed.  In case there is ever a fire or an earthquake, they will come in handy if there’s ever any broken glass or debris on the floor.
3.  Store your old shoes in the trunk of your car.  You never know when or where your car might break down and if that ever arises, a comfortable pair of shoes will come in handy in case you have to trek to a gas station or tend to changing a tire, etc.
4.  If you are a runner, chances are one day you’ll sign up for a mud / Spartan / Gladiator run.  In which case, your pretty pair of running shoes will get absolutely destroyed by the end.  That old, run down pair of sneakers you almost tossed in last week’s garbage will be ripe for the occasion! 
5.  Lastly, one use that is near and dear to our hearts is donating your shoes to a great cause.  Our Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach Village Runner both collect shoes from the community that are donated to the L.A. Mission. We’d like to thank all of you for your donations over the past couple of years.  We’ve estimated that due to the generosity of the South Bay, we have been able to donate nearly 15,000 shoes over the last two years.  Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!  We accept all types of new and used shoes – running, casual, kids, etc.