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1. TROPICAL FRUITS: Great for potassium, prevent cramping, Vit C and A, boost immunity. How to eat it: Blend frozen pineapple or mango in a smoothie; wrap up kiwi or banana slices with peanut butter in a whole wheat wrap; add to yogurt  or oatmeal; on it’s own; dried mango when on the go.
2. KEFIR: Drinkable yogurt high in probiotics and a great source of protein. 3x the probiotics as a traditional yogurt, 1 cup =14 g protein, 20% daily  calcium, good source of Vit B12 for energy and Vit B1 for stress tolerance. How to eat it: Use as a smoothie base; mix with chia seeds and drink it, blend with a banana for a quick post-run recovery snack.
3. CURCUMIN (aka Turmeric): A spice that can be dried and ground or also sold fresh as a root. Potent anti-inflammatory to reduce soreness and improve muscle repair and recovery after stressful workouts and long runs. How to eat it: Add 1-2 inch piece of turmeric root in when making a  juice, or add 1-3 tsp of the dried ground spices when cooking meats, vegetables, or rice.
4. TAHINI: A peanut buttery-like paste made from ground sesame seeds. Provides a unique source of good-for-you fats to help absorb vitamins and provide fuel on long runs. Rich in calcium, Vit E and minerals. How to eat it: Drizzle over peach, pear or apple slices with cinnamon; blend with garlic and garbanzo beans to make a dip for veggies or spread on sandwich, Make cracker and tahini sandwiches for snacking on the go.
5. SPROUTED GRAINS: Breads, cereals, english muffins, tortillas, grains have never been milled in to a flour. Popular brand is Food for Life (Ezekiel or Genesis). Higher fiber, very good source of minerals and fiber and higher protein than traditional breads. Very healthful source of carbohydrate which runners rely on for energy. How to eat it: Start with cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread; toast and spread with nut butter or make egg
and avocado sandwich; make quesadilla with the sprouted tortilla.
6. TART CHERRY JUICE: Reduces muscle soreness and shortens recovery time. Potent anti-inflammatory tart cherries combat muscle damage by repairing micro-tears in muscles and reducing inflammation; aids in proper sleep due to melatonin, and boosts immunity, reduce risk for heart disease. How to drink it: Juice blend (not pure tart cherry juice): 8 oz before or after a workout; or 100% pure tart cherry juice: 4 oz before,
during or after a run.
7. BEANS, PEAS, & LEGUMES: Great source of nutrient-dense carbohydrate to help resupply glycogen in your muscles. Great source of fiber and full on antioxidants. How to eat it: Consume with evening meal or at least 4 hours before running (fiber digests slowly). Use canned and rinse before eating for convenience. Add to salads, soups, pastas, and tacos.
8. GRANOLA: Very dense source of calories and carbohydrates so takes up less space in your stomach but gives you a lot of bang for your buck. 1 cup = 60 g carb. Ideal for runners who struggle to keep weight on or are trying to gain/build lean tissue. How to eat it: Yogurt and granola with  banana slices 90-120 min before a run; snack on dry granola with dried fruit and nuts; make your own trail mix with granola.
9. BEETS: Improves running performance when consumed before a run. Benefit is due to the nitrate in beets which improves blood flow and oxygen availability to muscles. How to eat it: Try 6-8 oz beet root juice 1 hour before running. Or add steamed or roasted beets to rice and chicken bowl; roast beets in the oven with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt & pepper until tender.
10. NUTS & SEEDS: Contains good-for-you fats that fight inflammation and promote heart health. Rich source of trace minerals that help optimize nerve function and metabolism such as copper, magnesium, selenium and Bvitamins. Good source of extra calories for distance runners.  How to eat it: Try a variety of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds. Add in to yogurt,  smoothies, on cereal and add a bag to your lunch.


1. Sprouted toast with spread of tahini, sliced mango, cinnamon and honey
2. Smoothie: 6 oz kefir + 2 oz tart cherry juice + 1 cup frozen pineapple + 2 Tbsp
cashews or chia seeds + 1 tsp cinnamon
3. Chocolate cherry granola trail mix: 2 cups granola + 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips + 1
cup walnuts + 1 cup peanuts + 1 cup dried cherries.
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