Village Runner Celebrates Earth Day!

If you’re a runner and have ever wondered how you can participate in Earth Day, there are a few things to keep in mind.  

1.  Recycle.  Reuse.  Both Southern California Village Runners collect new and used running shoes, casual shoes, and dress shoes which get donated to the Los Angeles Mission!  The LA Mission comes every two to three weeks and picks up anywhere between 8-12 large boxes full of donated shoes due to the generosity of the South Bay Community!  

2.  Reduce.  Try a Brooks Running Shoe or Newton Running Shoe!  

Did you know that Newton Running shoes often last twice as long as your typical running shoe as you become a more efficient runner?  That means fewer running shoes ending up in landfills!

Speaking of landfills, have you ever tried a Brooks Running shoe?  They use proprietary technology in their shoes called Brooks BioMoGo.  Once these shoes are used up and make their way into a landfill, they break down 50 times faster than the average running shoe!!!  The traditional EVA midsoles in running shoes can last up to 1000 years in landfills, whereas Brooks BioMoGo shoes break down in about 20 years!  That means in the span of 20 to 25 years, nearly 30 million pounds of waste are saved from our landfills.     Don’t worry though; that doesn’t mean your kicks will break down faster while you’re using them. The breakdown process only occurs when a pair of Brooks running shoes are introduced to the “triple convergence of high microbial load, low oxygen, and adequate moisture found in landfills”.  

Upcoming Demo Runs with Village Runner
If you’re interested in testing out a pair of Brooks or Newton Running shoes, please join our running group these respective dates and times, to test out a demo model!

Brooks – May 9th, 5:30pm Manhattan Beach Village Runner
We’ll be hosting a ladies’ night as well this evening so any lady interested in sport bra advice and other girlie goodness, please RSVP here.
Newton – May 21st, 5:30pm Redondo Beach Village Runner
Newton – June 13th, 5:30pm Manhattan Beach Village Runner

Our running group leaves promptly at 6:15pm so please arrive as early as 5:30 to get fitted with a pair of demo models to try on the run.  We hope to see you soon!  

Last, but not least, this has nothing to do with Earth Day, but, we’d just like to wish our very own, Bob “5K” Wolstein, a very, very happy birthday!  Here’s lookin’ at you Bob!