Test Results Are In! VO2 Max Testing at Taylor’s Fitness


Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of heading over to Taylor’s Fitness in Redondo Beach to have my VO2 max tested!  It’s a relatively quick and definitely painless process of running on a treadmill with increasing intensity… watching men’s hockey in the background certainly helped!  Below is just a quick snapshot of my test results, but if you’re looking for more information or are just curious about what your fitness potential is, be sure to contact Erik Taylor!   If you’re out there running and/or working out and not seeing any improvements, you may be training too hard or not pushing yourself hard enough!  Taylor’s Fitness will get you on track and teach you how to properly train with a heart rate monitor.  It’s time for me to finally put that Garmin to use!  For more information, visit: http://www.taylorsfitness.com/

taylorsfitness-vo2-10001  IMG_2776