Tech Tuesdays Info

Welcome to our Tech Tuesdays info page, where every Tuesday, our expert staff will share new and helpful tips on our curated running gear.

Mother’s Day

May 8, 2018
Today’s “Tech Tuesday” is brought to you by Mother’s Day! Shop with Village Runner to find the perfect gift for mom. We have everything for the woman who runs around for you all day: Garmin watches, new running clothes, OOFOS sandals, and many other things she will actually use. Be the golden child!  Watch our video below for more ideas.

Hydration Tips

May 1, 2018
There are 3 options that we carry in our stores for staying hydrated while you are out on a run.
1. Handhelds – an easy and convenient way to carry your water with you. Most have pockets and they strap onto your hand making it an effortless grip during your run.
2. Waist Belts – more adjustable and adaptable, you can add or subtract bottles and big pockets to carry your nutrition.
3. Vests – especially helpful for marathoners and ultra runners. Lots of space, multiple pockets, multiple bottles, and some accommodate room for bladders for extra hydration.

Protect Your Eyes

April 24, 2018

It is very important to protect your eyes when you are outside. Look for sunglasses that have UV 400 Certification. We love Goodr sunnies because they are UV 400 certified, are polarized, don’t slip, and are a great value at $25! Plus they come in a ton of fun colors. We have them stocked in both our Redondo and Manhattan Beach stores.

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

April 17, 2018

Today, Darren talks about the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. You can use it in conjunction with your Garmin watch to track a variety of running metrics like your vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time.  These measurements can help you better understand your running form so you can perform better on each run.  It is available in both our Redondo and Manhattan Beach stores and we are happy to give you more info about this amazing tool.

Knock Your Socks off!

April 10, 2018

Happy Tech Tuesday! Today Darren talks about the importance of socks for your running success!


Injury Prevention Tools

April 3, 2018

Today is Tech Tuesday with Darren! He’s bringing the pain with the tools that hurt so good.  We have an arsenal of products that aid in preventing injury and help sore muscles that come along with being a runner.  Check out what he recommends below.


Garmin Running Watches

March 27, 2018

Happy Tech Tuesday! Find out what Darren has to say about our fave tech tools – the Garmin line of watches!  Garmin watches are an indispensable tool for your training and the good news is, there’s a Garmin for every runner! They track your time, distance, and pace.  They are waterproof and swimmable.  Darren’s here to help you decide which is best for your training purposes.

Shoe Category Is King

March 20, 2018

There are three main categories of shoes: neutral, stability or a motion control shoe.  How do you know which type is best suited for your feet?  Our expert staff will get you in the shoes that are best suited for you by doing a free gait analysis to see whether you pronate or supinate.  While not necessary, we’ll take a look at your old shoes as well to see if there are any other signs of general wear that we should be aware of.  Lastly, if you have a doctor recommended orthodic, please be sure to bring those to your fitting as shoe sizes and categories may need to be adjusted accordingly.