South Bay Championships

On Saturday, April 19th, there were  a lot of great performances at the South Bay Championships hosted at West High School.  For a list of full results, please visit:
Recaps by Allison Chapman
Women’s Recap:
On the women’s side for the distance races Marissa Williams from Palisades won the 1600m (4 laps) in 4:56.93. She maintained her meet record she held in 2013 at South Bay Champs. There was also an amazing performance by South Torrance distance runner, Kimberly Coscia, who ran the 3200m (8 laps) and broke the meet record (which was 10:48 and was held in 2005). Kimberly ran a 10:43.03. An amazing job on her part!
Men’s Recap:
The mens side had some great performances too!   Jake Cohen from Palos Verdes ran a 1:57 in the 800m.  A new event was introduced which consisted of a 4×200 relay mixed with two boys and two girls. Tiara Scott, Jasmine Bass, Corey, and Ira from North Torrance set the new race record at 1:37.35!