Toning Shoes Fall Flat: Reebok to pay $25 million to settle case over toning shoes

We’ve been hinting at this for some time now so it’s nice to see that there is actual research coming out that reports no significant change / benefit to the toning shoes that have emerged over the last couple of years.  Reebok to pay $25 million to settle case over toning shoes
In addition to the Reebok settlement, here is the research referred to from July of this year.
This summer, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) did a study comparing toning shoes to regular running shoes and while the sample size was undoubtedly small, their studies came up with the following:
“All three toning shoes tested showed no statistically significant increases in either exercise response or muscle activation during the treadmill trials, when compared to the normal athletic shoes tested. There was simply no evidence to indicate that the toning shoes offer any enhanced fitness benefits over traditional sneakers, despite studies cited by manufacturers seemingly “proving” the toning shoes’ effectiveness.”
To read more about their study, check out the following link for more info on ACE’s research.