Shoe Reviews and Updates: Adidas Boston, NB Minimus, Nike Free

I’ve been gone for a couple weeks (mentally that is), and I feel like we have so many updates on shoes to tell you about!  
1.  First off, the new Adidas Boston 3 won Editor’s Choice, Spring 2012 by Endurance Sports Media Group so if you’re a neutral runner and haven’t tried an Adidas shoe on in some time, it’s worth revisiting…  if you’re okay with bright colors.
Adidas lowered the overall height of the Boston 3, while keeping the weight and heel
drop (12mm) the same. The lowered drop gives the Boston 3 a racing-flat feel — but
with better cushioning. Testers loved the fit of the snug heel and mid foot, as well as
the wide toe box. The decoupled heel allows greater flexibility through the gait cycle,
and the Torsion System adds some stability and forward propulsion. For long runs,
tempo runs and racing, the Boston 3 can do it all.
2.  Next, we also got in both the New Balance Minimus Road and Minimus Trail… insanely light barefoot running shoes.  They are comfortable and shockingly, even lighter than their predecessors.  Here’s a great writeup on all the things you should know about the Minimus line – both new and old.  New Balance Minimus Article
Minimus Road
Minimus Trail

3.  Nike Free Run+ 3 and Nike Free 3.0 V4 – Debuting April 5th at Village Runner
Okay, so the names sound almost identical and the upcoming color palettes are also similar, but these are two very different running shoes.  Let’s break it down for you:

Nike Free Run+ 3 (sometimes referred to as the 5.0, or the Free Run):
  • Third generation of their Nike Free Run+  
  • 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Nanoply – a series of intricate laser-perforated cuts across the fabric of the shoe to allow for more give where needed .
  • A full tongue!  You spoke and Nike listened.  A full tongue is outfitted on their current version, but not on the 3.0 V4. 
  • Nike+ Ready Shoe
  • A better transition shoe if you are interested in becoming a minimalist runner and are currently running in a more traditional running shoe
Nike Free 3.0 V4 (sometimes referred to as the 3.0):
  • 4mm heel to toe drop (this is the closest you will get to barefoot running in a Nike shoe)
  • Also features nanoply – a micro-layer of engineered composite material that is laser-perforated for a skin-like fit that moves with each stride. The larger perforations are strategically placed in areas that need more flexibility while the smaller perforations are in areas that demand more support (ie.  I have a wider food and this shoe fits incredibly comfortably)
  • Transtarsal Diagonal Flex Cuts to enhance and promote natural movement throughout the gait cycle
  • Seamless upper provides a sock-like fit.  The laces are almost unnecessary but would come in handy to snug up the shoe for a narrower foot. 
We’ve had several shoes come in recently so if you haven’t been into the stores in a few weeks, be sure to visit and check out the newest and the latest in your favorite styles!