Lululemon Wednesday Running Group

This Wednesday I found that I actually had some spare time and was still in need of a light run for my marathon training so I decided to venture down to the Metlox Center in Manhattan Beach.  Every Wednesday at 6-6:15PM a gathering of Lululemon runners meets up outside the lobby of the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach and goes on a 3-6 mile run.  Since it was my first time, I didn’t quite know what to expect from the group, but I was immediately greeted with smiles and friendly introductions from the runners.  
We ran along the woodchips, up and down the hilly streets of MB, through Sand Dune Park, and back along the Strand.  It was a robust run at a nice and easy pace with friendly company.  If you like running with people and are interested in some light mileage and paces, I would definitely check this group out on Wednesdays!
Lululemon Runs! Photo Courtesy of Susan Gibson
Parking: There is metered parking below the plaza so make sure to bring some change.