Elite Training Center – A Day at the Beach

I was enjoying some rare R & R this Saturday afternoon by sitting on the Esplanade wall and soaking up some vitamin D with my husband when all of a sudden I was stirred by the sound of an army of people running towards us, some hoisting heavy bags over their heads.  Alas, I noticed some of the people are our frequent shoppers so I thought I’d share some pics.  The group of enthused and perhaps abused athletes were from Elite Training Center just a couple blocks away on PCH.  They ran down Avenue I and along the strand to an open spot in the sand where they set up an nice little obstacle course of torturous fun.  While people were running drills, the rest of the group was doing air squats.  Ouch!  It looked like a lot of fun judging by the many smiles on the athletes faces (perhaps they were grimaces).  Keep up the great work everyone! 

This group was all smiles!

Air Squats!